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For most of June, Viña Maipo’s chief winemaker Max Weinlaub visited Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Taiwan and Russia, bringing along his best wines.

In a tour that lasted almost 20 days, Viña Maipo’s chief winemaker Max Weinlaub visited several cities in Asia, as well as St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, meeting with customers, sales force, specialized journalists, and people from the industry, soaking up the culture and diversity of each of those destinations.

In early June, he conducted a tasting before the Sommelier Association in Malaysia, in which he presented the lines Reserva Vitral, Gran Devoción, and the superior wines Limited Edition, Protegido and Alto Tajamar. Later on, these same wines were presented to important customers during a meal at the city’s luxurious Grand Mansion restaurant.

In Hanoi and Saigon, north and south of Vietnam respectively, Max led training workshops for sales force and sommeliers, as well as presentations and tastings for important clients in that territory. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia, as well as Seoul in South Korea, and Taichung and Taipei in Taiwan, were other Asian cities visited by the oenologist in search of new horizons for the winery’s top wines.

He also visited St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, doing presentations and tastings in restaurants and wine schools, and having lunch meetings with important clients and specialized media, such as was Simple Wine Newsmagazine. In Moscow, in addition to the winery’s top-level wines, the local sales force was presented with Viña Maipo’s entry level line Mi Pueblo, as well as Classic Series 1948, showing the versatility and quality in each of
its product lines.

During his visit to these markets, Max saw attractive opportunities for Viña Maipo wines. “Although domestic consumption of wine is low in Southeast Asia, I think there is a great potential for growth in that area because it is a tourist destination preferred especially by citizens of China and Russia during their holidays” he explains, and continues: “On the other hand, South Korea and Taiwan are competitive markets with good gastronomic development, which opens up great possibilities for our premium wines to continue to grow.

As for the Russian market, Max points out: “It is a market with great potential for medium- high price wines. The price-quality ratio is very important for these consumers.

After a long journey, back in Chile Max feels grateful for having the opportunity to travel to such distant destinations and very different cultures, where Chilean wines, and Viña Maipo’s in particular, are being recognized for their high quality and affordable price in
their different categories.

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