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Viña Maipo’s winemaker tells us about his ideal Christmas

For the winery’s chief winemaker Max Weinlaub, a perfect Christmas is one spent with family, celebrating love and enjoying a delicious meal paired with the best wines from Viña Maipo.


Max Weinlaub enjoys the Christmas season. Leaving aside the consumer spirit that prevails these days, for the winemaker “Christmas is a parenthesis in the year, it is a very good opportunity to meet with your family, to visit or contact those who are far away, to give thanks for what you have, also to help others.”

Christmas also symbolizes a time of memories for Max, of reliving childhood memories of those days when he and his sister left snacks for Santa Claus. “We tried to stay awake until midnight to see him eating, but sleep overcame us. Great was our surprise when, the next day, we saw the empty plates and decided to try again the following year,” he recalls smiling.

But it was the arrival of his own children that really marked the way of celebrating Christmas for the winemaker. “Seeing my children open presents on their first Christmas was very exciting. They still believe in this tradition but, being eleven years-old, I think they do it more for convenience than for conviction,” he jokes.

One of the great pleasures of Christmas for this winemaker is to try different recipes of ‘pan de pascua’ (a type of dark Christmas cake made with raisins, walnuts and almonds, typically eaten during Christmas and New Year in Chile), “hopefully with a lot of nuts and not too much candied fruit”, he specifies, and recommends: “It is ideal to enjoy it with a glass of ‘cola de mono’ – a typical seasonal cocktail made with aguardiente, milk, coffee, sugar and spices – although Viña Maipo Vitral Rosé is also a very good option.”

Being a food lover, for Max this time of the year cannot be enjoyed without a delicious dinner. As in Chile Christmas is in summer, the winemaker recommends rather fresh preparations, such as roast beef and cold side dishes such as salads, quinoa and rustic potatoes. “And you can imagine who is in charge of bringing the wines to the table every year,” he laughs. This Christmas Eve Max will take the opportunity to release the latest vintages of Viña Maipo Gran Devoción Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, and the winery’s ultra premium wines Limited Edition Syrah and Protegido Cabernet Sauvignon.


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