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On the eve of the end of the year festivities, Viña Maipo offers some advice on the best restaurants in Santiago to celebrate this Christmas and New Year with delicious preparations accompanied by its best wines.


Bocanáriz, the secret is in the pairing


If you like Chilean cuisine with an innovative touch, then you should visit Bocanáriz, located in the heart of the Lastarria neighborhood, in the center of Santiago. With more than 350 labels on its menu, this restaurant seeks to convey the extraordinary quality and variety of Chile wines. “Bocanáriz is the showcase of Chilean wine abroad, where the food menu is designed to pair with the wines,” says Juan Pablo Salas, the restaurant’s chief sommelier.

Bocanáriz was conceived in 2011 by Daniela Lorenzo and Katherine Hidalgo, two winemakers with the dream of opening a place specialized in wine tasting. They partnered with Jérôme Reynes, a French magnate renowned in the city’s culinary industry, who joined them in this project that combines top level gastronomy and the best exponents of Chilean wine.

After its opening in 2012, Bocanáriz has been recognized for three consecutive years by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator for having one of the best wine menus worldwide. One of the secrets of this restaurant, Juan Pablo reveals, is to have a well-trained staff, including sommeliers in charge of guiding the clients through a new experience of flavors in their plates and their best wine pairing.


The house’s recommendations

Diego Marín, the restaurant’s main chef, recommends some of his specialties and the best combination with Viña Maipo wines.


Tapabarriga (thin flank) with ultra premium Protegido Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pieces of meat macerated with fish sauce and creamy mashed potatoes from Chiloé, with touches of butter and thyme, accompanied by seasonal vegetables with umami sauce.

This pairing is perfect. On the nose this Cabernet Sauvignon reveals notes of fruit and wood, which go very well with the thyme. The power of the wine does not overshadows the taste of the ‘tapabarriga’; the flavors come together, achieving a delicious balance on the palate,” explains the chef.


“Boar Chop” with ultra premium Limited Edition Syrah.

Wild boar chop with mashed smoked potatoes from Chiloé, apple compote, blueberries and pearl onions.

The puree is smoked, which pairs perfectly with the wine’s notes of aging and touches of vanilla. Syrah goes very well with game. This Syrah in particular is fruity and spicy on the palate, with rich acidity. The wild boar’s condiments include mustard seeds, which contribute to the acidity and combined with the wine results in an explosion of flavors on the palate,” says Diego.


“Deer Tataki” with premium Vitral Merlot.

Lean deer meat sealed with butter, fish sauce and lemon, accompanied by a mix of “cacho de cabra” chilli seeds and orange zest.

Vitral Merlot is a wine with sweet notes, which helps to balance the spiciness of this preparation in the mouth, as well as the power and spices of the deer,” explains the expert.


Address: José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago.

Reservations: (+562) 26389893 /


Noso, where the old and the new continent come together


“It’s the perfect fusion between the culinary culture of the old and the new continent, along with a wide variety of Chilean wines designed to accompany each of our dishes,” explains Carlos Lozano, chief sommelier of this prestigious restaurant located in the W Hotel Santiago.

Noso specializes in Chilean food, but uses techniques typical of French cuisine. And that is where its name comes from, alluding to this culinary mix from North and South, in reference to Europe and South America.

Aspiring to reach the highest culinary standards, Noso opened its doors with the W Hotel in 2008 under the guidance of Jean Paul Bondoux, renowned French chef residing in Argentina, and who managed to give life to this restaurant.

“The idea behind ​​Noso is to combine the raw ingredients of Chilean cuisine with European cooking techniques, establishing the most classic style of French cuisine, but without taking away the modern and casual touch of the local cuisine,” explains Carlos.


The house’s recommendations

 For Carlos Lozano, there are three types of pairing: Combining dishes and wines with similar flavors and aromas; pairing wine and food according to different or opposite flavors and aromas, but whose combination is appropriate; and pairing by zone, that is, combining products of a specific geographical area with wines from that same origin. “This (last) is a pairing that never fails,” says the sommelier.


Below, Carlos shares his recommendations based on these three types of pairing.


“Asado de tira (short ribs)” with ultra premium Protegido Cabernet Sauvignon.

Meat macerated in red wine for a whole day and slow-cooked for four hours. It is accompanied with sweet potato mash cooked with vanilla and toffee, vegetables and tonino sauce.

Being a complex preparation, ‘asado de tira’ pairs perfectly with Cabernet Sauvignon. The dish has touches of sweetness thanks to the vanilla and toffee, which find a very good balance in the persistence of Cabernet Sauvignon. In this case the aromas of wine and food are similar, which is harmonious and pleasant on the palate. A strong dish, such as ‘asado de tira’, needs a wine with character and elegant such as Protegido because, otherwise, the dish would end up overshadowing the wine,” Carlos explains.


“Breaded Prawns” with ultra premium Limited Edition Syrah.

Breaded prawns accompanied with mashed black beans with touches of smoked bacon, black bean salad and orange sauce.

This is a pairing of opposites, as the food and the wine have dissimilar taste and aroma, so each one has a role, without canceling each other. This Syrah has a young, very fresh acidity, which goes perfectly with the prawns and the citrus notes of the dish, achieving a pleasant harmony of flavors on the palate,” says the sommelier


Address: Isidora Goyenechea 300, Las Condes, Santiago.

Reservations: (+562) 27700082 /


Rubaiyat, “from the farm to your plate”


The history of Rubaiyat is very particular. It began more than 60 years ago with Belarmino Iglesias, a young Spanish adventurer who arrived in Brazil and, from nothing, managed to become the owner of his own restaurant: Rubaiyat Faria Lima. The original concept was “to bring the best meats from the farm to the diners’ plate,” says Joslanio Amaro, general manager of Rubaiyat Chile.

Almost a decade ago, and crowning a history of success, this restaurant became a franchise, opening in Spain, then Mexico, Chile and Argentina. “The secret of Rubaiyat is to maintain a service of excellence, caring for our customers and bringing the best meats to their tables,” explains Joslanio.

The restaurant takes pride in its awards and recognitions, including “Best wine list” and “Fourth best restaurant in Chile” by Scotiabank’s Cookings -the first award for gastronomy in Chile-, as well as “Best meat restaurant of 2017” by the Circle of Chilean Gastronomic Journalists. “This recognizes the service of excellence that we pride ourselves in Rubaiyat and for which we work every day,” concludes its general manager.


The house’s recommendations

Meats are Rubaiyat’s specialty, and according to its chief sommelier Elizabeth Diaz this goes hand in hand with the world of wine. She proposes three “impeccable pairings”.


“Provoleta” with ultra premium Protegido Cabernet Sauvignon.

Baked bread filled with melted cheese and spices.

The enveloping and powerful tannins of this Cabernet Sauvignon from Maipo Valley, in addition to its touches of red fruits, pair very well with provoleta. The wine counterbalances the strong and consistent flavor of the cheese, without overshadowing each other, and achieving a splendid combination in terms of taste and texture on the palate,” explains Elizabeth.


“Grilled octopus” with super premium Gran Devoción Carmenere.

The octopus has a rather mild and subtle flavor, so it blends very well with the soft and delicate tannins of Gran Devoción Carmenere. As octopus is a light and fresh preparation, it pairs perfectly with this Carmenere, as both are docile, without competing on the palate,” says the sommelier.


“Fatty skirt steak” with super premium Gran Devoción Cabernet Sauvignon.

As the name of this dish indicates, the skirt steak is a fatty and juicy cut. For this type of meat you need a full-bodied wine, with character, capable of counterbalancing the fat and the taste of this dish in the mouth. Gran Devoción Cabernet Sauvignon has enough power to clean the taste buds, and the meat’s fatty taste finds in it its perfect ally, making an elegant and enjoyable pairing,” says Elizabeth.


Address: Nueva Costanera 2031, Vitacura, Santiago.

Reservations: (2) 26179800 /

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