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Viña Maipo Limited Edition launches new global image

Viña Maipo unveils the new and sophisticated presentation of its ultra premium Syrah Limited Edition. Distinctive changes in the label and capsule seek to modernize this true exponent of Maipo Valley.

Ten years after being introduced in the market, Viña Maipo Limited Edition revealed a completely new image. Representing the sophistication and value delivered in each bottle, this ultra premium Syrah has chosen a more elegant and trendier graphic concept.

Launched in 2007 -in its 2005 vintage- by winemaker Max Weinlaub, Limited Edition is the first ultra premium wine produced by Viña Maipo. Its grapes are handpicked, seeking to follow a traditional harvesting method to safeguard the distinctive characteristics of color, aroma and flavor of the Quinta de Maipo vineyard.

The changes in the new packaging include, among others, a black label with a subtle grid of silk-screen printings, symbolizing the vines of the vineyard. Some written details in copper folia also stand out, in reference to a product that, like wine, is the fruit of the land and labor of the Chilean people.

“Showing maturity and consistency in its ten vintages, we saw the need to take a new step with Limited Edition, totally renewing its image to invite people to discover the potential of this great Syrah from Maipo Valley”, says Max Weinlaub, chief winemaker of Viña Maipo.

This new image will be available in April 2016 in more than 20 countries where the brand is currently being distributed.

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