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Viña Maipo exports to Azerbaijan for the first time

Being the fifth largest Chilean winery in terms of exported volume, Viña Maipo once again proves the soundness of its global strategy, as its wines reach distant Azerbaijan, located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

In September Viña Maipo signed a commercial agreement with Caspian Crystal, its new distributor in Azerbaijan, making the first wine delivery a month later.

According to Guillermo Hirmas, the winery’s Export Manager for Northern Europe, this partnership seeks to establish a long-term relationship to develop the company’s product lines in the different sales channels of that country. “Although in terms of population Azerbaijan is a small market, for Viña Maipo this is a great step, opening the door to the Caucasus region, an area that has stayed away from wines from the New World,” explains Guillermo, and continues: “This partnership will awaken other countries’ interest in Chilean wine and Viña Maipo’s in particular, raising the challenge of being an attractive and close brand to an absolutely global consumer in the long term.

Caspian Crystal is a large company with participation in several industries of that country, such as wine, gastronomy, car, real estate and even fuels. The first distribution channel for Viña Maipo’s wines in Azerbaijan will be the Wine City specialty shops, restaurants and, in the medium term, the different supermarkets in the country.

Viña Maipo will land in Caucasian territory with wines from the lines Blend, Mi Pueblo and Vitral.

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