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With the presence of members of its marketing and sales areas, Viña Maipo dedicated one day to exclusively analyze its new strategy and to share with its team the projects in which it has been working to boost its performance in 2019.


On the first Wednesday of March, at its home located in the heart of the Quinta de Maipo Vineyard -next to Buin in the Maipo Valley- Viña Maipo gathered the teams responsible for promoting and marketing its wines at global level, to celebrate the Viña Maipo Day 2019.

The purpose of this day was to transmit internally the objectives that the winery should aim for this year in view of its new strategy, and to let its team know each of the projects in which the brand has been working to boost its sales during the next period.

“With this type of events we seek to establish a collaborative form of work, being this an opportunity to know one another, learn to listen to each other and strengthen the internal links between the marketing and sales areas of our team. In this way, we hope to work in a better and more coordinated way, which we believe has always been Viña Maipo’s seal and something we care to maintain”, explains Verónica Hahn, Marketing Manager at Viña Maipo.

This day’s summon was remarkable and so was the good spirit with which the attendees participated in all proposed activities, such as presentations, tastings and even walks through the vineyard.

“I think 2019 comes loaded with entertaining, innovative and, therefore, challenging projects from different points of view, which is why Viña Maipo Day takes on such special relevance”, says Daniela Godoy, Senior Brand Manager at Viña Maipo, and continues: “we need a coordinated work between the marketing and sales areas to achieve the results we expect and, with events like this, it becomes much easier to push projects internally”.

“During this type of events, one can visualize the importance of knowing one another and sharing as a team. The internal reception changes one hundred percent. The generation of genuine affection towards what each one does means that we all finally do our job better”, says Manuel Infante, Quinta de Maipo’s Brand Owner. And he concludes: “this was a wonderful opportunity to show our teams the great projects we have for 2019, and I am convinced that as of now, we will develop them with even more energy and, as always, searching for new and better opportunities”.

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