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Max Weinlaub in New York along with his best wines

Between October 3 and 6, Viña Maipo’s chief winemaker Max Weinlaub visited New York to present the company’s top-level wines and new projects, as well as to promote Chilean wine.

The main activities that Max Weinlaub carried out in the Big Apple included tastings, dinners, interviews with specialized journalists, and meetings with sommeliers from renowned restaurants, the brand’s salespeople and distributors and people from the industry.

Among the winemaker’s most important activities were the tasting with Wanda Mann, creator of the specialized blog The Black Dress Traveler; tastings and round tables with representatives of the Beverage Media Group -holding of US trade publications; dinner with journalist Michael Schachner of The Wine Enthusiast magazine; and a radio interview with Melanie Young and David Ransom, panelists from the online program The Connected Table.

In a video-conference with Anatoli Levine, director of the specialized online site Talk-A-Vino, Max spoke of his passion for Syrah and how Viña Maipo has been able to shape a solid portfolio around this variety, as well as the current Chilean wine industry and its trends. For its part, Anatoli said Viña Maipo’s wines were “impressive”.

Max’s last event in New York was his visit to the famous restaurant K Rico, where chef John P. Greco joined the winemaker on the tasting of the 2012 vintage of Viña Maipo’s icon wine, Alto Tajamar, with some exquisite preparations.

“It was a very positive experience to meet knowledgeable people from the industry and a market as attractive as New York interested in learning more about Chilean wines. It was enriching for both sides and contributes to revealing the quality of both our wines and Chilean wine in general”, said Max Weinlaub after his trip.

With this trip, and thanks to its winemaker, Viña Maipo wines strengthened their exposure and positioning among the media and people from the industry in New York, showing their quality and the distinctive consistency of Chile’s best viticultural valleys.

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