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Vitral #1 In Sales Chilean Premium Syrah In Asia

Viña Maipo’s Reserva line, Vitral, in its Syrah variety, becomes the number one Chilean premium Syrah commercialized in the great Asian market.

According to Intelvid -a Chilean company specializing in wine export market intelligence- Vitral Syrah is #1 in sales in the Asian market in the category of Syrah wines whose value exceeds US$29.7 FOB, considering measures corresponding to the mobile year between August 2015 and July 2016.

This result is mainly due to the great success of Viña Maipo Vitral –and specifically its Syrah- in Japan, the largest market for this line globally. Just 4 years after being launched in that country, Vitral has positioned itself as one of the leading brands in the premium wines segment, the result of the thorough and consistent work done by the brand and its distributor in that market, Suntory Wine International.

For the past 13 years Suntory has done an amazing job at promoting Viña Maipo and its wines with eye-catching campaigns and implementations, making it a largely recognized brand both in Japan and in Asia in general.

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have also been especially relevant for sales of Vitral Syrah.

Syrah has been established as Vitral’s most symbolic variety. With a sophisticated and attractive black label, this wine stands out among the other wines on the line, conveying the enological potential of the variety, which is the favorite of Viña Maipo’s chief winemaker Max Weinlaub.

By achieving this remarkable position in the booming Asian market, Viña Maipo’s Vitral Syrah confirms its quality and consistency, attracting a demanding international consumer.

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